Special Risks

Not a single insurer even the largest one is capable to underwrite all classes and types of risks at the best available terms.

In order to work in some highly specialized fields they may not have either the required specialists and resources or say be licensed to effect this or that type of' insurance by relevant bodies.

At the same time everybody appreciates that the insurance market itself is very versatile and the question is really how to get access to it. The answer is that you should use the services of the professional broker.

CINCo is proud of being experienced in special risks and in arranging non-standard schemes of insurance for its clients. Herewith are some of examples of the transactions where experts of CINCo Group have taken part:

  • Insurance for Banks incl. (Bankers Blanket Bond)
  • CAR (Contractors' All Risks) and General Liability during Construction Works
  • Energy Risks (oil and gas exploration and production, transportation and refining)
  • Products Liability Insurance
  • War Risks Insurance
  • Cash/Species in Transit Insurance
  • Non-Repossession Insurance
  • Financial Risks and Liability for Lease
  • Payments Insurance

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